About UT Wire

The UT Wire (Urashima Taro Wire) brand by Rubbo International was developed in Anaheim, California, with one thing in mind: hassle-free, creative, do-it-yourself organisation solutions.
UT Wire products
Look no further for your home, office and kitchen organisation needs and get away from your bundles of messy cables, clips and bags of elastic bands. UT Wire provides simple, tangle- and mess-free solutions for cables on your desk, along the floor, across the wall, and when on the go. No fancy tools or intricate parts are needed, UT Wire provides DIY hassle-free, easy-to-use solutions with no installation required nor complicated instructions.

UT Wire have design-award-winning, innovative cord organisation products made from rubber.

  • Red Dot Design 2013 – quality mark for design excellence
  • iF Design award – the ‘Oscars’ of design awards!

Products include the iF Design Award ‘Q Knot‘. Just like elastic bands, they are better and stronger. Made from rubber, they are stretchable, flexible and reusable. Multi-purpose for bundling multiple products. They are great for resealing bags and binding cables and household appliance cords. The Q Knot has a smart self-locking design, available in three lengths: small, medium and large. Unlike a rubber band, where you end up pinching your fingers as you try to twist and tighten, Q Knot requires only to be pulled to the desired position.

D-Wings‘ are perfect for cord control, to hold and guide cords across flat surfaces that cannot be drilled or stapled such as glass, metal or concrete. D-Wings will guide cords around corners, curves or edges. The D-Wing has a soft opening slit that is easy to insert or remove cords. Self-adhesive using 3M foam tape, they will not damage surfaces.

UT Wire provides simple, hassle-free do-it-yourself solutions.

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